The new pop duo ZAZOO (Katharina Emendoerfer and Jonas Frielinghaus) plans on taking over the music market, after putting a lot of hard work and sweat into their debut single „Spinnin’ Round (Wap Bap)". The on November 2nd released first single is definitely a song that is hard to get out of one’s head and gives a good first impression of the style the duo is going for: Groovy bass lines combined with Katharina’s original, smooth raspy voice, filled out with the new production style from well known German producer Ingo Politz, who has had international hits, as well as extremely high national success, creating art that catches absolutely everyones ear.

„Spinnin’ Round (Wap Bap)" is about a complicated and passionate relationship, that comes with pain, but is too strong to end. Musically, the well known dilemma is portrayed very lightly with a dancy touch to it.

ZAZOO’s debut single has hit potential. It lives from a certain dynamic and energy that could have only been presented this way by those two newcomers.

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